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Ophthalmology Grants: Courses in Europe

Ophthalmology courses are an integral part of a young ophthalmologist's career path. No matter how much we know, there's always something more to learn. As the field constantly evolves, staying up to date with the latest innovations, guidelines, and techniques is not only a choice but a must for our patients' well-being. And when we can expand our knowledge with the course costs covered - that's even better! With that in mind, I took the time to prepare a list of all the major ophthalmology grants in Europe.

Hopefully, this list can inspire you and other aspiring ophthalmologists to pursue more educational opportunities. While securing a spot in these programs can be highly competitive, pursuing them is highly rewarded. Every ophthalmology resident and young ophthalmologist should be encouraged to think outside the box.

After all, attending courses keeps us on top of new developments and provides a platform to connect with like-minded colleagues. The exchange of ideas and experiences during these sessions stimulates creative thinking, and innovation, and ensures higher diagnostic and treatment standards.

This post will analyze the advantages of attending grant courses and explore several ophthalmology grant opportunities in Europe:

Venice Ophthalmology Summer School - VOSS

VOSS Venice Ophthalmology Summer School logo stone lion with wings holding a book

The Venice Ophthalmology Summer School (VOSS) is a 1-week intensive ophthalmology course offering a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for aspiring ophthalmologists.

The specialized course provides participants with a deep understanding of the evidence-based medicine approach to clinical decision-making in ophthalmic medicine.

There are 2 parts of the course - theoretical lectures presented by key opinion leaders from across the globe and practical OCT case-oriented group discussions.

  • Dates: summer, usually in July

  • Location: Venice, Italy

  • Venue: Congress Centre Messe Frankfurt

  • Faculty: VOSS Faculty

  • Contacts: edoardo.midena @ (Prof. Edoardo Midena)

Tablet and notes with badge saying Atanas Bogoev, Bulgaria

VOSS is a great opportunity for young ophthalmologists and residents to deepen their expertise, refine their diagnostic skills, and connect with colleagues and mentors in the inspiring learning environment of Venice. I was lucky enough to be part of VOSS Class 2019 and I loved it. I highly recommend this course.

Deadline for applications: 30 May

OMI - Ophthalmology Medical Seminars

OMI Open medical insitute logo

The castle where the classes of OMI took place

The OMI Ophthalmology Seminars, hosted by Weill Cornell Medicine-NYP General Hospital of Salzburg in Salzburg, Austria, present an incredible opportunity for aspiring young ophthalmologists and ophthalmology residents.

These seminars serve as a unique platform for participants to engage with cutting-edge advancements in the field of ophthalmology. The collaboration between Weill Cornell Medicine and the renowned General Hospital of Salzburg ensures a high-caliber educational experience, fostering knowledge exchange and networking among professionals.

Course certifficate from OMI

This immersive program enhances clinical skills and provides a global perspective on ophthalmic practices. That's making it an invaluable experience for those dedicated to advancing their expertise in ophthalmology.

  • Dates: differ every year, depending on the specialty (2024 program)

  • Location: Salzburg, Austria

  • Faculty: Weill Cornell Medicine and the General Hospital of Salzburg

  • Contacts: Phone: +43 662 640 101 Email: @

  • Curriculum: here

Deadlines: Submit your application by:

  • October 2023, for seminars scheduled from January to May 2024.

  • January 2024, for seminars scheduled from June to September 2024.

  • May 2024, for seminars scheduled from September to December 2024.

The European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology (ESASO) - Parma Glaucoma Course

ESASO European School of Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology logo

The European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology (ESASO) is a well-established platform in Europe for providing one of the highest quality practical ophthalmology courses, covering all ophthalmic subspecialties. Their courses are known to be very well structured and feature industry leaders from Europe as mentors. The courses usually last 1-4 days, and cost between 1300 - 3000 Euro. ESASO and a couple of sponsors are opening up the opportunity for ophthalmologists from Europe by providing a free-of-charge 2-day ESASO Glaucoma course. The program features the latest innovations in glaucoma, practical wetlab exercises, and practicing trabeculectomy on pig eyes.

Course dates and application deadlines differ every year. Follow ESASO on social media for more up-to-date info.


The journey of attending grant courses in ophthalmology isn't only about personal growth and professional advancement; it's much more. Traveling, meeting new colleagues, mentors, and role models, as well as absorbing insights may be satisfying. But the true power is in the ripple effect the newly gained knowledge and inspiration can create.

My message to you, fellow ophthalmologists, is simple: don't keep that knowledge to yourself. Share it, spread it, and watch it multiply. Being possessive of what we've learned only hinders progress and stifles innovation. Imagine the possibilities if each of us becomes a catalyst for change in our respective spheres.

Remember, those grants that paved the way for your learning were organized by people like yourself—passionate, dedicated, and fueled by a desire to contribute. They devoted their time and energy to creating opportunities for others. Think about following their good example. Together, let's build a future where the spark of curiosity is not only kindled but passed on, inspiring others to learn and explore the new borders in our field.

Leave a comment below or e-mail us other grant course opportunities in ophthalmology and we will add them here for everyone. Thank you! - Atanas Bogoev, MD, FEBO

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