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Help for Ukraine: Ophthalmology24 and SOE Partnership

The partnership between Ophthalmology24 and the European Society of Ophthalmology is providing essential help for Ukraine's ophthalmology residents and specialists since March 2022. We are collectively joining resources for one goal - providing Ukrainian refugees with fair career options in ophthalmology during the conflict.

How it all started...

Atanas Bogoev M.D. and Maria Cholakova-Sonrisa created the non-commercial platform Ophthalmology24 in early 2022. The webpage gave refugees from Ukraine with a professional background in ophthalmology the opportunity to safely relocate across Europe. The aim was to support those in need and help them build a better future outside of their country until the armed conflict resolves.

Help for Ukrainian ophthalmologists: How it Works?
Screenshot from the SOE website

As we were progressing with our mission, SOE stepped in to provide us with immense support to keep the project moving forward. With their help, we were able to transfer all traffic to the SOE website, ensuring that even more people could access the resources and information we share.

How it's going...

The partnership with SOE and the project are still active. We are in contact with everyone who offers or needs help. And we are ready to get in touch with anyone who fills the respective forms on the SOE page "Help for Ukraine". We have a quick access button at the top of our website, in the menu. Check it out if you offer or need help.

With our partnership with SOE, we hope to continue providing essential help for Ukraine's ophthalmology residents and specialists. Our aim is to create a platform that can be a beacon of hope for those in need, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our work has a positive impact on the world.

Screenshot form the SOE website
Screenshot form the SOE website

The Future of Ophthalmology24

After taking a few months off to reassess our goals, it was time to expand Ophthalmology24 and create a long-term, positive digital footprint. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive medical hub for those seeking information about eye health and eye care. We take pride in our content and make sure that everything we publish is well-researched and carefully curated to be of the most help to our audience.

Our team of medical doctors thoroughly fact-checks all information we share and supports it with scientific research in the field of ophthalmology. We believe that Ophthalmology24 is more than just another medical blog; it's a resource that can make a difference in the world. Read our eye health articles for patients or our publications for eyecare professionals.

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