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Bringing Daily Contact Lenses on Flights: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a frequent traveler who relies on daily contact lenses to maintain clear vision throughout the day? If so, you might be wondering whether it's safe and convenient to take your lenses with you on a plane.

Today we address all your concerns about bringing disposable contact lenses on flights and provide essential tips for hassle-free travel.

Can You Take Daily Contact Lenses on a Plane?

Yes, you can! Disposable contact lenses are a must for any journey.

They are a convenient and hygienic solution for some travelers with impaired vision. They completely eliminate the need for cleaning and storage solutions, which take up space in your bag and might push you to exceed the liquid limits on flights.

Please consult with your eye doctor if your eye health condition allows you to wear daily contact lenses.

Keep reading to discover how to pack your lenses properly.

Traveling with Daily Contact Lenses on Flights

One of the common dilemmas contact wearers face is how and where to pack their daily lenses. Do disposable contact lenses go in the hand luggage or the checked luggage? The answer is simple: Both.

Single-use contacts are very space-saving, and flight-friendly. It's safe to say, you will have no problems transporting them in your luggage, no matter where you decide to put them.

Daily Contact Lenses in Carry-on Bag

The best place to store your daily contact lenses while traveling is in your carry-on bag, as it ensures you have quick and easy access to them during your flight and upon arrival.

Check out our step-by-step guide to packing your daily contact lenses in your carry-on bag:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before packing, have the following items ready:

  • Your disposable contact lenses, in their original blister packs.

  • Artificial tears or artificial gel tears.

  • A travel-size bottle of multipurpose contact lens solution (less than 100ml).

  • Clean tissues or wipes for hand cleaning.

  • Clear ziplock bag for your liquids and lenses.

Step 2: Pack Your Lenses

Place the blister packs with the disposable contact lenses, the travel-sized contact lens solution, and any other necessary supplies in a clear, resealable plastic bag. The ziplock bag should be easily accessible in your carry-on bag for security checks.

Step 3: During the Flight

It's common to experience dryness or discomfort due to the cabin's low humidity during the flight. Keep your artificial tears handy to moisturize and refresh your eyes when necessary. Always use clean tissues or disposable wipes to disinfect your hands before handling contact lenses.

travel with daily contact lenses

Daily Contact Lenses in Checked In Luggage

While it's generally advisable to keep your disposable contacts in your carry-on, there may be instances where you prefer to pack them in your checked luggage.

If you choose this option, follow these guidelines:

  • Place your blister packs of daily contact lenses in their original packaging inside a hard, protective case to prevent damage during transit.

  • Ensure your luggage is well-padded for additional protection.

  • Be cautious of temperature-sensitive storage requirements. Extreme temperatures in the cargo hold could affect the lenses' integrity.

  • Carry a spare pair of contact lenses in your hand luggage in case your hold luggage is delayed or lost.

Additional Tips for Traveling with Disposable Contact Lenses


Carry a copy of your contact lens prescription, as well as any necessary documentation for your eye care. Having these documents with you may come in handy if you need to replace your lenses during the trip.

Backup Glasses

We recommend bringing prescription eyeglasses with you. Particularly if you tend to rely solely on contact lenses. Glasses are the best backup option, if you lose, damage, or run out of disposable lenses.


Staying well-hydrated during your flight may minimize discomfort from the dry cabin air. Drink plenty of water and use lubricating eye drops or artificial tears if dryness or eye irritation occurs.

Regular Eye Care

If you wear contact lenses, follow your eye care routine while traveling. In addition, we urge you not to skip regular check-ups and to follow your eye doctor's advice.

To conclude, traveling with daily contact lenses is entirely possible and safe. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey with clear and comfortable vision throughout the trip.

Safe travels!

Learn more about eye health and eye care in the Ophtalmology24 blog.

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