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The content provided on this website, including text, graphics, images, and other materials, is intended solely for informational purposes related to the field of ophthalmology and eye care.


None of the materials on this site ( or its associated social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest (@ophthalmology24) is meant to serve as a replacement for professional medical advice, accredited medical education, or the diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition.

Important notice

While ophthalmology professionals fact-check all the information on this website, it is NOT comprehensive enough to allow our audience to self-diagnose or delay medical treatment, nor is it a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis/treatment of disease. 

You should always consult with a qualified healthcare provider or physician regarding any medical questions or concerns you may have, and never delay seeking medical advice or disregard professional medical advice based on the information you have read on this website. 

The website, owner, or contributors cannot be held accountable for any mistakes or oversights on this website, or for any harm, you may experience if you fail to seek the counsel of a qualified medical professional who is knowledgeable about your specific circumstances and who can properly evaluate your condition and administer proper treatment.

Through the use of Ophthalmology24 (, you expressly waive your right to bring any legal claims, now or in the future arising out of or related to the website.


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