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Maria Cholakova-Sonrisa

Medical content creator


A Bit About My Experience

In my 10+ years of experience in the fields of Content & Copywriting and Digital Branding, I've learned it's extremely important to LOVE what you do. From 2009 until now, I went from blogging to full-time writing, and from a freelance enthusiast to a business owner and consultant.


Throughout my professional journey, I became a certified content writer and specialized in website content, B2B & B2C business writing, lifestyle & blog writing, medical writing, edition, translation, visual editing, and social media operations. My personal portfolio includes more than 4000 original articles, published online and offline, and over 1500 original designs for ads, magazine publications, and social media.

My knowledge and experience helped me build the solid foundation of my first company in 2020. Throughout the years, I have consulted and worked on online content projects alongside companies like Skribu Digital, VEEL Content, Conversion Century, Digitink, D2Line, Staello, Milano Group, and 50+ other companies. I have niche experience in creating content for e-commerce eyewear companies, eyewear manufacturers, health and wellness websites, and medical blogs. 


My role in Ophthalmology24 is to review, optimize and oversee the eye health and eye care content on the website. 

How I became a part of Ophthalmology24?

In early 2022, I and Atanas Bogoev M.D. wanted to create a non-profit platform that would help Ukrainian ophthalmology residents and specialists safely relocate across Europe. We wanted to support refugees from Ukraine and give them fair career options to practice ophthalmology outside of their country. This is the reason why we set up the Ophthalmology24 website initially.


As time went by, we got immense help from SOE (European Society of Ophthalmology) to keep the project moving forward, in order to help as many people as possible. Eventually, we transferred all the traffic to go through the SOE website and we decided that it was time to start growing Ophthalmology24 in a new direction.

We took a break for a few months, while we figure out if we want to move this eye health project forward, and set up a plan of how to make the most of this ophthalmology medical hub, so we could leave a long-term positive digital footprint. I like to work on projects that make a difference in the world. 

That's why I work really hard to ensure Ophthalmology24 is not just another medical blog that spits random content for incentives. Instead, everything we put on our ophthalmology website is carefully planned and curated to be of the most help to the audience. All eye care and eye health information we share is thoroughly fact-checked by medical doctors and supported by published scientific research in the field of ophthalmology. 

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