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Preventing Eye Injuries During Beauty Routines at Home

Eye injuries during beauty routines are more common than one might think. Ranging from minor eye irritations to severe corneal damage and even burns, if you like to pamper yourself, this is your sign to think about your eye health, too.

Amidst the serenity of skincare application and makeup rituals, the danger of improper or not careful use of tools and cosmetics casts its shadow. By adopting simple precautions, we can ensure our beauty routines remain rejuvenating but also safe for our vision.

Potential Risks of Eye Injuries During Beauty Routines

Chemical Exposure

The first risk for eye health is chemical exposure. Ingredients in skincare products or makeup can cause irritation or allergic reactions if they come into contact with the eyes.

When an allergy or irritation occurs, you may notice immediate discomfort, eye watering, redness, burning, or stinging sensations. In rare but severe cases, it may lead to corneal burns or blurred vision.

Sharp Tools

Sharp tools like tweezers, eyelash curlers, or applicators can accidentally poke or scratch the delicate eye area if you are not careful.

Accidental poking or scratching of the eye area with sharp beauty tools may lead to pain, tearing, redness, or a sensation of something lodged in the eye.

Injuries from sharp beauty tools can range from minor scratches on the cornea to more serious abrasions or lacerations. Such eye injuries increase the risk of infection and may result in corneal scarring or other complications.

Heated Tools

Improper use of lash heaters or heated eyelash curlers is a huge risk factor. The excessive heat may cause literal thermal burns to your eyelids or your eye (cornea). So if you use heated tools around the eyes, be cautious!

Besides potential accidents, another danger of heated beauty tools is the prolonged exposure to high temperatures. It may damage the eyelashes, hair follicles, or the skin's natural moisture barrier.

In severe cases, thermal burns cause blistering, scarring, or permanent changes to the skin texture. It's crucial to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and avoid direct contact with the eyes to prevent eye injury.

Using Eyelash Tools Wrong

Wrong use of eyelash curlers may lead to accidental pinching or pulling of the eyelid or eyelashes. As a result, you may face eyelash breakage or even the loss of lashes altogether.

Excessive force or incorrect technique when applying false eyelashes risks the adhesive coming into contact with the eye. Therefore, it's crucial for individuals to educate themselves on the proper use of lash tools and to prioritize eye safety during their beauty routines at home.

eye safety during beauty routines

Expired & Contaminated Products

Using expired makeup or contaminated products can trigger conjunctivitis (pink eye) or styes, as well as severe types of eye infections like bacterial or fungal keratitis.

Applying contaminated skincare or makeup products on your face and around your eyes will potentially leave you with redness, itching, discharge, swelling, or sensitivity to light.

Eye infections spread rapidly if you don't treat them on time. And may lead to complications, for example corneal ulcers or partial blindness.

Continued use of old, soiled or discolored products tends to exacerbate the infection and delay recovery.

Incorrect Cosmetic Application

Applying makeup or skincare products too close to the eyes or using excessive force can lead to irritation, accidental pokes and scratches or physical injury.

Rough handling of the eye area can also damage the skin, leading to increased sensitivity, inflammation, or worsening of eczema or dermatitis.

Chronic irritation may contribute to premature aging or compromise skin health over time.

Contact Lens Misuse

Corneal scratches or infections from contact lens misuse can lead to corneal ulcers, inflammation, or even permanent vision loss if not promptly assessed by an eye doctor.

The common types of contact lens misuse are:

Continued use of dirty lenses or failure to adhere to proper hygiene practices contributes to eye problems.

woman putting dirty contact lens in her eye

Prevention of Eye Injuries During Beauty Routines

These are our safety tips to prevent eye injuries during beauty routines:

  • Don't apply makeup while in motion to avoid accidental injury

  • Don't apply make up and cosmetic products too close to the eyes

  • Use clean applicators and brushes

  • Patch test new beauty products

  • Don't share eye makeup and skincare

  • Remove makeup and contact lenses before sleeping

  • Don't use sharp objects to separate clumped eyelashes

  • If you use a lash separator, go for a plastic one (not a metal) or a mascara brush

  • Don't use an eyelash curler after putting on mascara (use it on clean lashes)

  • Use heated eyelash curlers with caution and start with the lowest temperature setting

  • Only buy lash serums from reliable cosmetic brands (not homemade potions)

  • Be cautious with eyelash extensions

  • Avoid using expired beauty products

If you've recently undergone eye surgery, consult your eye doctor before using makeup and skincare around the eyes.

In the case of eye irritation, allergic reactions or injuries, seek immediate medical help.

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