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The go-to online information hub about ophthalmology for patients and eyecare professionals from all across the globe. Patients get access to qualified medical advice, while professionals are able to get updates about ophthalmology programs, international exams, upcoming conferences, and other helpful resources for residents and specialists.

Helpful information and resources for eye doctors, eye surgeons, ophthalmology residents and specialists, presented by other medical professionals in the ophthalmology and eye care field with personal input on the covered topics. Our contributors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise, helping you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in ophthalmology. 


A wealth of eye care information on a variety of eye-related topics, from common conditions and treatments to tips for maintaining healthy eyesight. Our ophthalmology professionals and medical writers provide in-depth insights and advice, backed up by scientific research, and checked by eye doctors to help you keep your eyes healthy and make the best decisions about eye health.

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About Us

Mission, Vision & Eye Health Team

Ophthalmology24 is a non-profit project by Atanas Bogoev M.D. and Maria Cholakova-Sonrisa that was launched in early 2022 in an effort to help Ukrainian refugee ophthalmologists and ophthalmology residents safely relocate across Europe.

Since then, the scope of the project has vastly expanded. Now, our extended mission is to provide clear and comprehensive information about eyecare, innovative treatments, upcoming events, and resident education by covering a wide spectrum of ophthalmology-related topics.

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Educational Resources

We share invaluable resources for professional advancement for ophthalmology residents and specialists.

Comprehensive Information

We provide viable information to patients about their and their children's eye health.

Please do NOT use our content to self-diagnose.

Visit an eye doctor if you have any health concerns.

Medical Fact-Check

All eye health content on our website is thorougly fact-checked by medical professionals in

the eye care field.

Official Sources

Our ophthalmology articles are doctor-reviewed and backed up by official and published medical research.

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